SEPTEMBER 16, 2017

VIET Nam war documentary series of 18 hours spread over 10 programs set to air on PBS, Sunday, September 17th.

PRESIDENT Trump’s week in review:

PRESIDENT Trump may legalize “dreamers” because he has no political ideology except the pursuit of praise, and if he gets something on the Wall he can claim he made a good deal.  (The WEEK, September 22, 2017.)

JUSTICE Department acknowledges it has no evidence to support President Trump’s claim President Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower.  (The WEEK), September 15, 2017.)

PRESIDENT Trump has killed or delayed 860 rules in a wide range of areas, with the EPA leading the way.  (The WEEK, September 15, 2017.)

DEMOCRATS claim agreement reached with President Trump on DACA and enhancements to border Wall (or “fence”, if you choose).  Trump denies full agreement, acknowledges there were discussions.  (Los Angeles Times, September 14, 2017.)

PRESIDENT Trump visited hurricane devastated areas 3 times.

FORMER Presidential aide Steve Bannon returns to Breitbart and tells interviewer Charlie Rose Bannon is “going to war” against those Republicans who are not supporting President Trump’s program.  (Los Angeles Times, September 11, 2017.)

In other matters:

RUSSIAN lawmaker brags on Russian TV that “U.S. intelligence missed it when Russian intelligence stole the Presidency of the United States”.  (The WEEK, September 22, 2017.)

KIM Jong-Un continues to fire more powerful rockets with little effective pushback where it counts.  The last underground test was about 5 times as powerful as the bomb dropped on Nagasaki.  (The WEEK, September 15, 2017.)

U.S. forces and others have driven ISIS out of city of Raqqa and are within each of taking over ISIS’ capital.  (The WEEK, September 15, 2017.)

56% of Politico/Morning Consult poll believe “dreamers” should be allowed to stay in the U.S. (The WEEK, September 22, 2017.)

DACA beneficiaries are “a high-achieving lot”; they create businesses at twice the rate of the U.S. as a whole and many have spouses and/or children who are citizens…..  And 93% of DACA recipients over 25 are employed vs. 78% of Americans between 25 and 54.  (The Economist, September 9, 2017.)

UC sues feds over repeal of DACA, arguing rescission unconstitutionally violates their rights on “nothing more than an unreasoned executive action”.  Janet Napolitano, current UC President, drafted the DACA program.  About 4,000 students, teachers and others at UC are on DACA.  (Los Angeles Times, September 9, 2017.)

AROUND 2 dozen states and cities are suing Big Pharma over the opioid epidemic, (The Kiplinger Letter, September 8, 2017.)  President Trump recently stated the opioid epidemic is an emergency.

143 M accounts of those with credit records hacked at Equifax after Equifax fails to install patch provided by software vendor 2 months before the hack.  There is a website: EquifaxSecurity2017.com where you can see whether your account was hacked.  (The WEEK, September 22, 2017.)

EQUIFAX waited 6 weeks to divulge the hacking and 3 executives who supposedly had no knowledge of the breach sold shares during that time.  Even the firm’s No. 2 executive was not informed of the breach immediately.

(Los Angeles Times, September 9, 2017.)  Now that your information may be out there you can contact the credit companies (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion), to put a “fraud alert” of “freeze” on your account.  So much for too much regulation of credit companies.

THE National Consumer Law Center is calling for Equifax to pay for any account freezes, which are offered in 35 states, including California.  (Los Angeles Times, September 9, 2017.)

HOUSTON and Florida are both involved in recovery work that may take years, as well as some consideration in Florida as to wisdom of building on the Keys.  40,000 homes destroyed in Houston alone.  (The WEEK, September 22, 2017.)  The Kiplinger Letter estimates rebuilding the 50,000 damaged homes “could take years”, (September 1, 2017.)

ABOUT 70% of the damage to homes in Hurricane Harvey are not covered by flood insurance, some because flood insurance is not sold in their geographic area.  (The WEEK, September 15, 2017.)

ALTHOUGH flood insurance is kept cheap by the government for political reasons, some areas cannot buy the insurance.  Alternative approach followed in the Netherlands focuses on building “robust flood-protection infrastructure”.  (The Economist, September 9, 2017.)

AS of September 12th, there were still 7 M people without power after Hurricane Irma. Federal officials acknowledge it may take weeks to restore power, and years to rebuild.  (Los Angeles Times, September 12, 2017.)

IRMA ruined 95% of the structures on St. Martin and St. Marteen, territories of France and another country.  (Los Angeles Times, September 8, 2017.)

BUILDERS are slowing down the pace of apartment construction with the number of new units peaking this year.  Los Angeles is one city slated for marked pullbacks in construction.  (The Kiplinger Letter, August 25, 2017.)

MEXICO has 8.1 earthquake, its biggest in over a century.  At least 58 people died.  (Los Angeles Times, September 9, 2017.)

PRESIDENT Trump should reappoint Janet Yellin because of the complexity of rolling back Fed assets accumulated during the Great Recession and growth has been steady if unspectacular under her leadership.  Further, with many positions vacant her experience is particularly beneficial.  (The Economist, September 9, 2017.)

97% of “dreamers” are in school or working and the conservative Cato Institute estimates it will take 10 years and cost $280 B to deport them.  (The WEEK, September 15, 2017.)  After Katrina many illegal immigrants and undocumented workers helped rebuild the city but where will the actual workers come from to rebuild Houston and Florida?

LA Tuna fire burns 5,800 acres near Los Angeles.  Due to preventive brush clearing only 5 of potential 1,400 homes in potential danger were burned.  (The WEEK, September 15, 2017.)

POSSIBLE genocide occurring in Myanmar as Rohingya Muslim minority fleeing to Bengladesh.  Aung San Suu Kyi, current leader formerly under house arrest for years, remains silent on the issue in her own country.  (The WEEK, September 15, 2017.)

HI-tech workers in Silicon Valley adopting practice of not eating for days on end to lose weight, boost mood, and heighten productivity.  (The WEEK, September 15, 2017.)

AVERAGE age of fathers of newborns increased from 27.4 years in 1972 to 30.9 years in 2015.  (The WEEK, September 15, 2017.)  This to be read in conjunction with decreasing sperm production in American and other males.

RELATEDLY, sperm banks are a varied lot.  Some view themselves as medical providers, others as simply a business.  Rules may limit implanting to married couples in some countries.  How much you know about the donor is related to how much you pay the agency.  (The Economist, September 16, 2017.)

AND, UCLA shuts down its pharmacy after review shows it was using expired drugs when compounding medications.  (Los Angeles Times, September 16, 2017.)

HOUSING bills sent to Governor Brown are “historic” with fees to refinance, expedited environmental review and additional funds.  (Los Angeles Times, September 16, 2017.)  Problem remains: desirable sites are too expensive, affordable sites are undesirable.

CALIFORNIA labeled the toughest state for first time buyers, some of whom are moving inland for affordable prices that result in long drives to work.  (Los Angeles Times, September 10, 2017.)

HOMICIDES in Los Angeles fall sharply from 116 last year to 59 this year.  (Los Angeles Times, September 13, 2017.)

FREE Speech prevails in Berkeley, but only with significant police presence, as conservative Ben Shapiro speaks.  (Los Angeles Times, September 14, 2017.)

BITCOIN being joined by hundreds of other “coins” that exist only on the computer.  Paris Hilton getting in the act, too.  (The WEEK, September 22, 2017.)  China making bitcoin and similar currencies illegal.

IN 2013 U.S. Postal Service attempted to improve service by installing kiosks in Staples stores, but was going to use Staples personnel, not postal workers, to provide the services.  Of course, it was challenged by the Union and this clever idea was canceled.  (The WEEK, September 22, 2017.)  Had the government used postal personnel getting to the post office would be much easier today.


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