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“Estate Planning” is a niche area of the law which combines the features of elder law and estate planning that pertain most to the needs of the middle class.

A few years later, in 1991, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) published “A Consumer Report on Probate” which concluded that probate was a process to be avoided, in all but the most exceptional cases. This marked the beginning of the end of traditional will planning and started the “living trust revolution”. AARP recommended that families start using trusts rather than wills, to avoid probate, and/or the need for conservatorship and to save their beneficiaries tens of thousands of dollars in the estate settlement process.

Since then, millions of people have set up trusts to:

  • Save time and money in settling the estate
  • Avoid legal conservatorship if they become disabled
  • Avoid having their personal and financial matters made public
  • Reduce the chance of a “will contest”
  • Keep control in their family and out of the court system

At the Law Office of Brian J. Sheppard we combine years of experience in elder law and estate planning to provide a comprehensive approach to the needs of each client and their family’s.  Planning wise, we usually recommend trusts to avoid probate proceedings at death and to provide for substitute decision making in the event of disability.  On the elder law side, we plan ahead to protect assets from being lost to nursing home costs or, where no preplanning has been done, use our knowledge of the Medicaid rules to protect assets when the client is on the nursing home doorstep or even after they have already been placed in a nursing facility.

At the Law Office of Brian J. Sheppard, we use trusts for basic planning to avoid probate proceedings, save estate taxes and to plan for disability.  to this we add our experience in over ten thousand cases to advise on special situations we have seen come up time and again such as planning for a disabled child or grandchild, how to plan for couples in second marriages, and what to do about spendthrift children.

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