Estate Planning & Elder Law
At the Law Office of Brian J. Sheppard we combine years of experience in elder law and estate planning to provide a comprehensive approach to the needs of each client and their family’s.  Planning wise, we usually recommend trusts to avoid probate proceedings at death and to provide for substitute decision making in the event of disability.

When a loved one passes it may be necessary to “probate” their estate to obtain a court order distributing the property to their beneficiaries. As a Probate Attorney, I am committed to providing these services in a professional and sensitive manner.

I act as a “mediator” to assist people, sometimes along with their attorneys, to resolve disputes through mediation without going to court or trial. I serve on the Los Angeles County Civil Court Panel, Los Angeles County Probate Court Panel, and United States Bankruptcy Court Panel.

Wills & Trusts
Many people need a trust to avoid the probate of their estate, to plan for incapacity, or for tax reasons. Wills & trusts are a good idea for many people, but not for everyone. I will help you to decide if a Will & Living Trust is right for you.

Powers of Attorney
A “durable power of attorney” is part of an overall estate plan, along with a Will or Trust and Advance Directive for Health Care. The durable power of attorney helps to plan for incapacity during your lifetime.

There are two effects of a conservatorship. First, it shifts responsibility for making decisions from the conservatee to conservator. Second, it imposes significant limitations on the ability of the conservatee to take independent actions regarding legal, financial and personal care decisions.

Social Security Disability

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